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Welcome - Today's Topics


Computer Architecture and the Hardware/Software Interface

Software Stack
Hardware Stack
Draw Picture
Our focus: C Programming, Assembly Programming, Machine Code, Digital Design, Processor Design, Cache Memory Design


TA: Mayank Thirani
Your name, year, and which OS and editor you use.
Practice names

Quick Puzzle

Work in groups of 4 to 5 to figure out the given digital circuit
Can ask yes/no questions
What does it do?

Required Materials

Book: Digital Design and Computer Architecture: ARM Edition
  Kindle, Paperback, Bookstore
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 + Accessories


Raspberry Pi 3

This is an ARM-based (ARMv8/ARMv7) computer with GPU, USB, Ethernet, Audio, GPIO and more.
ARM processors are used in almost all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), there is a rumor that Apple is working on a ARM based laptop/desktop computer.
Everyone must purchase their own Raspberry Pi 3 model B

At a minimum you need
    A Raspberry Pi 3 B Single Board Computer
    USB TTL cable
    A USB power cable with a switch
    A case (highly recommended)
    2 8GB (or higher) micro sd cards (get high speed)
    Optional: USB ethernet adapter