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ARM Emulation in C: ARMemu

Due Tuesday, October 31 at 11:59pm

Please put all the deliverables into your CS 315 Project03 github repository.

For this project you are going to write a C program that can execute ARM machine code by emulating the register state of an ARM CPU and emulating the execution of ARM instructions. We will call our emulator ARMemu (armemu).

You will not need to emulate every ARM instruction, just enough to execute the assembly programs you developed in Project02.

In class, I have showed you how to link assembled ARM code with compiled C code. You emulator will only need to execute assembly functions (in machine code form) that are linked with the emulator itself.

Here are the basic ideas you need to implement:
  • A representation of the register state (r0-r15, CPSR)
  • A representation of memory (stack)
  • Given a function pointer and zero or more arguments, the ability to emulate the execution of the function
    • This could be an assembly program, or in principle a compile C program.
  • The ability retrieve the return value from the emulated function
  • Dynamic analysis of the function execution:
    • Number of instructions executed
    • Instruction counts
      • Computation (data processing)
      • Memory
      • Branches
    • Come up with a nice way to present the analysis data
Note that the only memory you need to emulate is stack memory. You can assume all other memory for code and data resides in the address space of the process.

  • The ARMemu code
  • Demonstration that you can execute the Project02 assembly functions. 
    • Including the recursive fib function
  • Analysis reports for each of the Project02 functions.

Instructions you need to emulate (not complete)
  • mov (reg or immediate)
  • add (reg or immediate)
  • sub (reg or immediate)
  • cmp (reg or immediate)
  • b, beq, bnq (others as needed)
  • bl, bx
  • ldr, str, ldrb
  • optional: push, pop
  • Others depending on what you used in your Project02 code

Extra Credit (1 point each)
  • 24 hour early submit. Your project must be in Github and it must be graded on Tuesday, Nov 1. Send a private note to me via Piazza if you are going to do this.
  • Ability to emulate the compiled C function sum_array_c
  • Ability to emulate the compiled C function find_max_c
  • Ability to emulate the compiled C function fib_rec_c
  • Ability to emulate the compiled C function fib_iter_c
  • Ability to emulate the compiled C function find_str_c
  • Support for the printf() library call
  • Provide an interactive mode that allows for single stepping the emulated code.
  • Modify the interactive mode to allow single stepping in reverse.