Here you will find links to websites, documentation, software, utilities, and code that will be useful for this course.

Command Line Editors

Here are some good tutorials to popular command line editors that can be used through a text console. All of these can be installed on Raspbian (if they are not already installed).

" tabstop: Width of tab character
" softtabstop: Fine tunes the amount of white space to be added
" shiftwidth Determines the amount of whitespace to add in normal mode
" expandtab: When on uses space instead of tabs
set tabstop=4
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
set expandtab

;; Only uses spaces, not tabs
(setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)
(setq tab-width 4)
(setq-default c-basic-offset 4)


Digital Design and Computer Architecture: ARM Edition

Lecture Slides

DDCA Chapter 5 (PDF)
DDCA Chapter 6 (PDF)
DDCA Chapter 7 (PDF)
DDCA Chapter 8 (PDF)

ARM Reference Material

ARMv7 Instruction Set (PDF)

Logisim Digital Logic Simulator


On a Mac you will need to install the Java 6 runtime: